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September 2, 2021

Let's talk about credit scores.

After years of bad credit, I started learning some great financial habits. Dove into some class and readings to increase my financial literacy a bit more. Now I know how to maintain a nice high credit score, which was the hardest thing for me. As of my most recent update in August 2021 I has somewhere around 702-711 😊

Of course with anything work having, it isn't easy, and well worth maintaining once achieved.

Here's how I increased my score from June to August:

  1. I paid down all my credit cards to zero or as close to zero as possible
  2. I identified my statement dates and made sure I didn't use my credit card until after the dates listed
  3. I locked my credit cards for a week on the day my monthly payment is due
Why I do this.

When I lock my credit cards, it's because after making payments on your due date, creditors usually take a few days to report the card balance. If you notice your bill is due one day, and your statement dates are a few days after.. That's the G right there, they trip you up making you think since you made a payment everything's all good and your score will jump. But it's a game, and you just have to understand the rules. Anyway, after 7 you'll unlock your card and start using it as usual, but look out four your credit report, you should see some increases in points because you've decreased your overall credit utilization by doing this process. 😊


As always, this is just how I've been navigating my life and I am no pro, this is just my experiences. Please do your own research for further financial education, tips & tricks, the same way I have over the years.


My name is REJ and I first discovered Webflow in November 2018. Since then, Webflow has had a HUGE impact on my web design projects – saving me countless design hours, development costs, and has helped improve my understanding of HTML/CSS tremendously!

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