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September 2, 2021
Personal Thoughts

How I Plan To Pay Off $6.5k

During the pandemic like most people I became frantic about my financial situation. And for a long time I hid it from everyone around me. For once I had landed on my feet in life, and just as fast as I landed things got rough because of the pandemic. All I saw were these looming bills I had no idea how to manage anymore! $2,400 here, $400 there, $250 over here, the cellphone, the online subscriptions, just everything! If it weren't for unemployment, man I would be way further in debt than I am. Let's just say the 6.5k is the easiest to manage considering I knocked off a whole 13K car loan when the Audi got totaled earlier 2021. There's still some housing costs that need to be met, but I got this. Shit's been working out thus far, Thank GOD!

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So back to how I'm planning to pay everything off. At the moment I'm currently doing Instacart 5 days a week. It's some pretty solid cash. It also helps with my curiosity of California, being that it's a pretty massive city, let alone state. By doing Instacart I'm getting a chance to learn various neighborhoods, spec out the value of them, look at home values, cleanliness, things of that nature. Psstt.. Between me and you, I'm planning to get my real estate license in California soon, so I should get to know the place better right! Anyway, being that Instacart is super flexible on hours and I don't have to answer to anyone but the customers when I'm shopping, I kind of like the silence of my day. I run around a few supermarkets, drive to several homes in a day, take lunch whenever I want, clock in & out at will. While still making enough to meet my financial needs at the moment which is bare minimum!

I have no car note or insurance right now, around $800 cheaper rent.. Just credit cards and old bills to pay at will.. Clearing about $1,000 a week on Instacart working around 34/wk isn't bad for my financial needs right now. Of course this isn't where I plan to stay, this is just a "Let's end the year strong with no CC debt! And as little of any other before purchasing a HOUSE. 😈 BRRR..." plan. I'm also not taking delivery of the Tesla I ordered earlier this summer 😭 Ima have to get one for Christmas or something 😩 purchasing one right now, while wanting to pay off the debt I have will only make things harder. I'd increase my monthly debt obligation by around $1200, I kind of would prefer not to right now. After purchasing a house, doing some work on it, getting tenants, and repeating the process I then would probably be driving the Tesla for free by then.. But that's because I plan to purchase it around Christmas through my business instead. We can discuss that in another post, until then, I hope all is well! And you're doing your very best to reach your financial goals as well!



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